I’m Doug, an engineer by trade. 

I live in Portland, Oregon in the US with my family. My wife Kim is a professor at PCC, where she runs the fine arts photography department. We have a teenage son, and family life is where I ground myself.

I work as a software engineer @Pinterest primarily on the iOS mobile team, but I help design, review and debug code across our full stack. In my career I have hired, mentored other engineers. I have designed systems and services.  I write code and review others, and always try to be a positive voice through stressful times.

If you’ve come about me work history, please see my resume.

I also use this site for hobby projects. I recently tasked myself to learn Apple’s new SwiftUI and Combine frameworks so I put together a chess app. It is rather naive as a chess app, but quite modern in all the tooling. Find PlayChess! in the your app store, or see the open source code in the swift package swift-chess.

About Me

I’m the quiet type, my hobbies tend to reflect that.

I enjoy birding, sky watching, toying with neural networks. I hate talking about myself. This is a real limiter on how interesting this site may be.


New setup

I’ve been testing a mechanical keyboard out for a bit, I’m finding it really satisfying. I intentionally found keys that reminded me of old heavy keyboards from my earliest computer days. A hunk of wood to rest my wrists on and I think it’s a hit.