Summary of qualities

I’m a father and an engineer here in Portland, Oregon.

I have had experience in all aspects of application development from architecture to implementation.  I am known for my ability to rapidly learn and apply new languages and tools. In my work experience you’ll find thirty years of software development. I have never found a problem I couldn’t handle.

Work History

Software Engineer L6,

Pinterest — July 2021 to Present

In my time with Pinterest I’ve been working on the iOS app, as well as some light Python for the backend. I help mentor and onboard new folks on the team. I have an on call roll, and have helped solve issues in our war rooms. 

I enjoy reviewing code and collaborating with my colleagues to help things come together smoothly. I’ve only been with the company a short time, and already feel like I’ve had an impact within my group.

Staff Software Engineer,

Simple Finance — 2016 to 2021

Staff Engineer on the iOS team.  Helped define the roles, interviewing and hiring of the team that I lead.  I ran team sessions and mentored new engineers. I was the voice that communicated the ongoing release processes to the executive team. I was also the largest contributor of code during this time. I took on the hardest topics like rewriting old service layers to support new security needs, and untangling the naive CoreData implementations from the start up days before I joined.

We grew from early hand rolled solutions to a modern CI/CD system running unit and UI tests on our pull requests. Our team and app ran smoothly even during COVID19, when life was not.

Staff Software Engineer,  Mobile Engineering Manager,  

Walmart Labs, Sam’s Club — 2012 – 2016

Lead iOS Engineer on Walmart Pay. I worked closely with the services team to ensure a safe and robust mobile payment system that is deployed in over 5,000 Walmart stores nationwide.

I also worked on various features within the Walmart app including , Pharmacy, Mobile Self Check Out, Savings Catcher and eReceipts.

Walmart Global eCommerce. I was promoted to the mobile engineering lead for Sam’s Club following my success in the Walmart iOS mobile team. I oversee the iOS and Android engineers as well as the QA team that support them.

Software Developer, Small Society, Portland OR — 2010 – 2012 (Acquired by Walmart Labs)

Small Society was a iPhone/iPad development agency in Portland, Oregon. I worked on a number of high profile apps with clients such as Adidas, Amazon and Live Nation. Walmart acquired Small Society in January 2012.

Independent Contractor, Software Development – 1994 – 2010

During my early career I worked as an independent contractor on jobs ranging from a few months up to nearly five years. I began as a systems administrator on larger UNIX systems, but quickly found my place in software development.

Here are some of the highlights during my contracting days.

Mobile Developer, Nike, beaverton, OR — 2008 – 2009

Developed an iPhone app for an internal athlete training system within the SPARQ team. This involved a custom communication layer. I also helped with a 3d vision application for depth perception testing.

Windows application developer, Intel, hillsboro, OR — 2006 – 2007

The IDCC (Intel Desktop Control Center) project involved upgrading a legacy windows CPU control panel. I created a XAML interface using Microsoft Blend and C#.

Software Developer, trixbox — 2007

Trixbox is an open source VOIP / PBX phone system. I worked with the company to create the package installers for their system

Software Developer, The Toro Company, Riverside, CA — 2001 – 2006

I worked as a long term contractor on various parts of their agricultural planning solution. This involved everything from interface work to custom communication elements and embedded field components. Skills include cross platform design and coding using Delphi/Kylix, DB design coding using Interbase/Firebird. Extensive GIS optimizations for GPS accurate terrain maps. The product SitePro/TMap serves over 90% of the golf courses worldwide and is considered the industry standard.

Engineering Lead, Lookupguide, San Diego, CA — 1999 – 2001

I was working with at a start up leading a small group of computer professionals. It was an internal portal software for small/medium businesses. We developed a moderate customer base, and the time was instructive, but the market wasn’t there.

Search Engine Developer, Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA — 1997 – 1999

I was brought in to diagnose and fix performance problems in Cisco’s search engine. This included writing a custom NSAPI authentication plugin and upgrading the search engine technology. My work was well received and I was asked to sit on a technical evaluation team solving similar problems for their dynamic content platform.

ATM / Home Banking Developer, Ultradata Systems, San Ramon, CA — 1996 – 1997

I created a web based home banking application. I worked along side the ATM developers to bring home banking features online. This involved the use of ISAPI programming to create secure WWW transactions, with SQL calls to AIX and HP hosts. I designed and implemented a custom gateway to their legacy database.

System Administrator, CCnet, Walnut Creek, CA — 1994 – 1996

I was responsible for the administration, engineering, security and maintenance of CCnet an early Bay Area ISP. In addition to my Unix system administration duties I also worked on the installation and configuration of routers and firewalls. 

This developed into a software development role as I created their customer billing system using the emerging CGI technologies. Our customers were eager to create their own web application, so I taught HTML / CGI classes to members of the ISP.


Swift, Objective C, C/C++, Java, Javascript, C#, Delphi, Python

Patents Granted

Nike, Inc.

US9055904B2 Multi-touch display and input for vision testing and training

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

US9076157B2 Camera time out feature for customer product scanning device

US9311668B2  Determining to audit a customer utilizing analytics

US9336547B2 Integrating local products into global web services

US8972168B2 Tracking a mobile device

US9400994B2 Customized impulse shelves

Douglas Pedley

US8164802B2 Device, system, and method for scanning paper media